If you would like to find out more about photography, you might think about using either a Prosumer digital camera or a DSLR camera. Both cameras can be used for photography. In a glance, Prosumer digital cameras and DSLR cameras seem the same. But they are different in terms of features and functionality.

Here’s a comparison of some essential aspects of the two cameras, specifically the body, characteristics, sensor, lens and functionality, so you can understand the difference between a Prosumer digital camera and a DSLR.

Prosumer digital camera

· Body

The physical appearance of a Prosumer digital camera is very similar to a DSLR, which makes it difficult for you to tell them apart. Usually Prosumer cameras are smaller compared to DSLRs. The body is ergonomically designed which makes it easy to hold. Normally, Prosumer camera lenses are the same size as DSLR lenses. This camera is excellent for amateur photographers, since it has features that are similar to those offered by DSLRs but relatively cheaper in price.

· Characteristics

The attributes are similar to those offered by DSLRs. The program setting can be corrected manually so that your creativity isn’t limited by the automatic setting. Additionally, it has the power to record videos and provides a Live View feature.

· Sensor

The detector size is smaller than that of a DSLR. On account of the small sensor size, Prosumer cameras sometimes produce noisy images, particularly when taking pictures using high ISO speeds.

· Lens

The main difference between a Prosumer camera and a DSLR is that a Prosumer just offers fixed lenses. However, the technical ability of Prosumer camera lenses is decent enough.

Prosumer cameras are suitable for men and women that are only starting to learn more about photography techniques. The camera provides various attributes but they are simpler to operate.


· Body

DSLRs are often larger than Prosumer cameras. However, DSLRs are usually equipped with a convenient hand grip that makes it possible and easier for you to maintain your camera when using a heavy lens.

· Characteristics

Generally, DSLRs offer more features than Prosumer cameras. Some features like ISO, aperture and shutter speeds can be adjusted manually. This guide setting allows you to add more creativity into the images you take.

· Sensor

DSLRs are outfitted with larger sensor hence enabling you to capture bigger objects. The detector also utilizes a low-noise sensor technology so the images generated are clearer. On account of the large sensor size, the price is generally expensive.

DSLR cameras use interchangeable lenses.
Commonly, professional photographers have more than one lens to accommodate their photography needs.

· Functionality

This kind of camera is excellent for those who aim to be professional photographers. DSLR cameras offer advanced features, however you will not be able to take good images if you don’t know the correct photography methods. So when you use a DSLR, you need to keep learning and practicing how to take better pictures. It’s possible to learn from professional photographers or read articles about professional photography online.